A slightly sensual love letter to Books.

It starts with the sound of our front-gate opening, as I arch back to peek out of the rain speckled window, I see the delivery boy walk up to ring the doorbell but, I'm already standing at the door, waiting, looking at his kind eyes and his kinder hands which hold you. It's half an... Continue Reading →


Tough Love.

lovely girl, my beautiful little lovely girl my talented, my special bud. you who flowered from my womb one fateful day of July. my sunflower child that brightened the sickly wet season. these were words my mother never said to me, there was no special, there was no beautiful, there were no flowers, instead, a... Continue Reading →

Chocolates and Boys.

The first time we talked, I felt myself light up like a Christmas tree with an excitement I'd long presumed dead. You started speaking to me about the worlds you'd created, how, soon, you'll publish your first book, about how I must look for it when you did, you spoke of the dreams you dreamt... Continue Reading →

I believe I will fall in love again.

After six years of holding on to the seams of your long departed ghost and after failing at love elsewhere It feels like forever and never at the same time, the possibility of a fresh love, in the life of a person so young where time is always fleeting and every moment feels like a... Continue Reading →

This Summer.

Summer seethes on my skin Creeps inside the soaked dark blue-almost-black t-shirt I wear Runs down my back and my knees and my brow Shuffles around me and rests on the person beside me Suffocating, From the mingled putrid smells and sticky arms and the broken air conditioner Burning through the seat cover of my... Continue Reading →

My misery is my own.

See, that's where my problem lies. I keep thinking that the reason you can't help me is because you don't understand me. But deep down I know you can and, I'm only using this excuse of your 'incomprehension' to fool myself into believing that my problems aren't so twisted.  You can see where it comes... Continue Reading →

Abuse: a horror story.

Losing again. After having sapped the breath out of me, you stored it in a glass mason jar, you always thought you were so clever, didn't you. Maybe you were because I never could find it and died in the hallway. Games, puzzles, mazes you'd try to find something, anything to distract you from the... Continue Reading →

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