A slightly sensual love letter to Books.

It starts with the sound of our front-gate opening, as I arch back to peek out of the rain speckled window, I see the delivery boy walk up to ring the doorbell but, I'm already standing at the door, waiting, looking at his kind eyes and his kinder hands which hold you. It's half an... Continue Reading →


Tough Love.

lovely girl, my beautiful little lovely girl my talented, my special bud. you who flowered from my womb one fateful day of July. my sunflower child that brightened the sickly wet season. these were words my mother never said to me, there was no special, there was no beautiful, there were no flowers, instead, a... Continue Reading →

Chocolates and Boys.

The first time we talked, I felt myself light up like a Christmas tree with an excitement I'd long presumed dead. You started speaking to me about the worlds you'd created, how, soon, you'll publish your first book, about how I must look for it when you did, you spoke of the dreams you dreamt... Continue Reading →

Creation and failure.

So, I guess its true. I'm never going to live to experience or perceive all the amazing-ness and the beautiful magical creations in this world. Maybe I'll live to be 74 years old and yet surely I will have missed something grand. There's too much content here, too many people and too many ideas, wonderful... Continue Reading →

A day in a Life.

It is the 19th of April, 2017. I don't really know why I decided to put this up as a blog post, but I was in the shower and I couldn't help thinking that I wanted to remember this day in a special way. I guess this could be a "Dear Diary" excerpt but I'm aloof to the idea of maintaining a diary so mostly I just vlog or record myself speaking if I want to cherish a memory or remember an idea but, I guessed today was exciting enough to share with someone.

How gift giving turned into a realization of my conditional and unconditional love for the people in my life.

This post comes to you in three parts. A history, A realization and Some questions.  Recently, I've noticed a disturbing pattern in my behavior, to be specific in the entire way that I give birthday gifts to people. I've always been the kind of  person who had to give a really good and personalized gift. I... Continue Reading →


      You find yourself sitting under that cold-vent again, wrapped in your paper thin school blazer. You look over your shoulder and catch her mid-laughter, hers is the most beautiful smile you've ever seen, it reaches up to her eyes which crinkle at the corners, filling the static air with a pleasant giggle...... Continue Reading →

A beginning.

      I understand this is unforgiving, using a terribly clichéd title and first blog post, but.... To, this page. Before I begin, it would be nice to acknowledge the amount of dedication and inspiration I mustered up to finally start my own blog. It has existed in my mind for far too long,... Continue Reading →

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