Some really good music.

It’s not like I haven’t heard good music in a long while, it’s just that very rarely I find myself enjoying most of what you are listening to. In terms of that, this year got off on the right foot.

I’m a Twenty-One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Andrew Bird, random Indie music, mostly ukelele originals- kinda girl. ya, that’s how I’d describe my music taste, although admittedly that label neither feels complete nor justifies my love for each artist.

ANYWAYS, onto why you’re probably really here.

1. Sufjan Stevens – “Carrie and Lowell”

Listen if you’re looking to absolutely lose yourself, in the stories of Sujyan’s creation, into the desert, to fall in love with the face of a beautiful woman or if you’re writing something, let it go on in the background. I wrote a poem or two myself.
take it from an expert:
“…On his new beautiful solitary and rich record filled with faith and disbelief and the resurrection of trust and dreams. – HILTON ALS”

2. Chloe Moriondo:

There’s not a huge collection of originals by her, but the rare few are absolute gems and her covers are so unique, I fell in love with her on the very first note of the cover of Best Friend by Rex Orange County. Whether it was that charming voice or that pretty boyish hair around her head or both that resulted in this instant attachment isn’t yet known. also ukelele

3. Cavetown:
(and his little chameleon)

If you like the music by small-time creators on YouTube, you’ll already know Cavetown, although there’s nothing small-time about him anymore. His lyrics are so pure, so straight up simple and true and that there lies the essence of his music. also ukelele

4. Tom Rosenthal:

Just weird. If you’re into weird lyrics and groovy music. here also, Tom says ‘His lucky pants failed him again’.

5. Parekh and Singh:

Philosophize me. (aka how I fell in love with whales)The aesthetic, the colours and just a jolly good time awaits.
Also, one of their songs had a dialogue from Woody Allen’s “Annie” and I cried the night I first heard them.

I should stop now. the last three aren’t really recent at all but, I’ve just been listening to them all very frequently in this past month. (I mean, still a much cheery beginning of the year than last year’s “Impossible Year” by Panic!)
Have you heard any of these artists, will you? What do you think?
Are comments getting outdated or my content worse? hmm.

Ciao amigos!





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  1. I love music so much! I dabble in everything (except country). I’ll be happy to try out your playlist here. Also, I think commenters are hard to come by these days. That star in the corner takes people’s voices away and not just here, but in any social media environment. Its not your content 😊


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