Nerdfighteria and John Green’s “Turtles all the way down.”

Part 1: The Freakout.

When I received the news about John Green’s new book “Turtles all the way down” it was around 4 am around a week ago. That particular night I was having a really hard time falling asleep and I kept tossing in bed, reading a bunch of random articles on the small screen of my mobile and listening for the sound of a door opening downstairs admitting my brother back into the house after his travel. So, it was well into the morning and I already could foresee how much this nuit-blanche would cost me in class in a next few hours when I got a notification which read, “My New Book”.
And I am freaking out, it’s from the Vlogbrothers’s channel (run by both John Green and his brother Hank Green) and John’s the writer but in the previous months he kept denying the fact that he might possible be writing a book so much that for a moment I almost thought, “Is that Hank? Maybe he’s written his first book” Well anyways, it was John and I saw the video and decidedly I was in possession of the most brilliant news and would indefinitely have an amazing day.

Part 2: The Book.

“Turtles all the way down” is a story about a 16 yr old girl who’s on the lookout for a fugitive billionaire and it been revealed that she suffers from OCD. Most of what we know is that there is some form of Star Wars fanfiction, an unexpected reunion and a tuatara.
A lot of the hints were dropped in the scavenger hunt the brothers conduct and I guess that is why it feels so special, because I got to be a part of it and I knew before anyone else did and I can finally understand all these little references.
Although I’m most excited to read through a mind of a person with OCD since this is something John has had since he was very little and though I’ve heard him talk about it on the channel this form would most definitely give a deeper look and perspective and make for an interestimg protaginist.

Part 3: The Why behind this Excitement./ Nerdfighteria.

I first read The Fault in our Stars back in 2013 or 2014 which was when I first came to know about John but I didn’t start watching the Vlogbrothers until a year later and I didn’t become a part nerdfighteria until a year or two ago.
So, basically nerdfighteria is this online community of “nerds who fight and work together to decrease world suck and they are made of awesome” and the termed was coined by John in 2007 at an airport where he played this arcade game called “AeroFighters” but wrongly read it as NerdFighters and it stuck.
The reason I feel I can really appreciate the new book is because now I know so much more about where it comes from and I can appreciate the little references and inside jokes and mostly because I look up to the author himself so much in real life. When I started really getting into the all the stuff the Vlogbrothers have made and there are dozens, I realized how much I really really liked it. I love how being a part of nerdfighteria makes me feel. It’s a group of open-minded people who are not afraid to display their love for stuff (be it books, tv shows, science, movies or mars) and who believe in love and kindness and learning and in helping people and appreciating everyone. All of this was only successful because the creators themselves abide by these simple truths and that what made it possible. One of the biggest positives of being a NerdFighter was I learnt to really appreciate my own nerdiness. When you think about how society defines COOL, rarely will the image of a nerd pop up in your brain. But when did it become uncool to love people, to be kind and nice, when did it become uncool to treasure books and find meaning in words and be excited about art? It’s not only that we don’t think its cool but also that we rarely think about acting this way in our lives and with NerdFighteria I feel like I could put things in perspective again, I could re-iterate the way I’d been living and go back to caring, just because I wasn’t surrounded by these people in real life didn’t mean they weren’t there and it was amazing to know that there are so many other people in the world who feel the same way about stuff you do and that made it more easier to act upon my principles.

Like every other thing we create there’s no perfection in the concept of Nerdfighteria. Sure the community has its own faults, so many times we too are ignorant and harsh and pretentious and not everyone agrees on everything, in the end we are still different people with each having different views of the world. The amazing thing is it’s so widespread and diverse, there are people here from all over from all religions and all ages and that an environment for some pretty heavy arguments and sometimes these aren’t productive but mostly it works.
Once I read a comment I found really hilarious in which the person was like that the “nerdfighters” are just people who do social work, help others and then use flowery language like “world suck” and “DFTBA” and are over enthusiastic people who will call anything interesting AWESOME and to this person I would only say that yes maybe some of it is true, we’ve created these terms and this separate universe where we believe in excitement and awesomeness but we all do that. We’re all trying to make up fiction or concepts about the world around us to make this living thing just a little more easy and enjoyable and I don’t mind the terms we use, maybe they are cringy to some and seem like nonsense but I choose that over feeling bored or unmotivated anytime and it makes me happy to be having these important conversations with people who really want to talk about this, there are people here who are so driven and wonderful and smart and it’s such a pleasure to interact with them and working towards changing the world for the better with them.

Part 4: Pour Conclure.

I think John and Hank are amazing humans and I’m so glad they exist, it’s a little cheesy but we really needed them, I know I did and I’m thankful everyday that they ended up making these things and doing these awesome projects that they did and continue to do. I am excited about the future, about learning and I’m a nicer person I guess and I’m glad I can imagine people and the world more complexly and take in the awesomeness of this planet. I wish I could talk about all the projects the brothers so but one blog post just wouldn’t cover it so I’ll some links if you’d to check them out. Honestly, I’ve been hounding people in my real life to watch them so let me do the same to you.
I can’t wait for the new book! And if there are any nerdfighters reading this or if you think this sounds like you (which means you’re already a nerdfighter) leave a comment. What do think about the community, have you ever been a part of something that made you this happy and how does choosing to recognize yourself as a member of a largely online community have impact in real life, personally or on a larger scale, do you think it works?

P.S-  I’m very aware that this might just have been me fangirling over the two and wanting to share my happiness of discovering nerdfigheria but I can deal with that.


YouTube channel–
You can find all of the main ones under any Vlogbrother’s video in the description.

Well nerdfighters, as they say in our hometown, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.


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