A day in a Life.

WARNING: The following is a special day in my life so if this is the kind of thing that bores you then you have been warned THOUGH I’d be happy if you stayed a while. Did anything happy happen in your life recently? Is this how you go about your day or am I just being weird? 

It is the 19th of April, 2017. I don’t really know why I decided to put this up as a blog post, but I was in the shower and I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to remember this day in a special way. I guess this could be a “Dear Diary” excerpt but I’m disinterested in maintaining a diary so mostly I just vlog or record myself speaking if I want to cherish a memory or remember an idea but, I guessed today was exciting enough to share with someone.

I downloaded this app called Sleep Cycle yesterday and I was so excited to try it out! I know sounds silly, but I think it’s really cool, it can tell you how you slept (like deep sleep or light sleep), it knows when the best time to wake you up is so I’ll hopefully never be woken up in the middle of my next nightmare and just basically it seemed like a cool app. I woke up around 7:15 am but, I scrolled through Instagram for the next 15 mins which is okay since this is the last day I use Instagram anyways.

A month ago, when I booked my tickets for the Bawse book tour, I’d downloaded Instagram and reactivated Facebook for a while for the sake of “being informed” because I exclusively only use SnapChat as I’m a little anti-social social media freak. Anyways, as I was saying I was stuck in the shower for the next 44 mins not anticipating the chore of having to shave my body for the sake of the dress I’d chosen to wear tonight. That also turns out to be the time I talk to myself, when in reality, if I’m being honest, you’ll find me taking to myself throughout the day if no one’s around, what can I say?
So, I was having a conversation about what a wonderful day I was to have.

I have admired Lilly for the past five years and more, hers is the first face I choose to see in the morning when still in bed in the form of “daily vlogs” for the sole reason that it makes me happier and more enthusiastic to start the day on the right foot. And today was the day, her virtual existence would descend into reality for me. So yes, I was very much determined to have a good day.

I was in class, 8:45 am, in a seat in the second row. Now, that is saying something because kids here will come an hour early to catch a good seat so I’m usually seated in the 5th row which isn’t very nice but it’s wonderful where waking up half an hour earlier than usual can get you. I’m next to this girl who I’m not really friends with, on that note, yesterday I was talking to my sister about how much my friend circle has shortened and why it scares me that I’m turning introverted which is scary because I love being an ENFP. But, here I was before class, pretending to solve the exercises behind my textbook pretending to look busy and then I went on the write another blog post I’ve been working on about Marina Abramovic but that requires me to do a lot of research and I didn’t have net.

Anyways, class was the usual drudge, I’m trying to get better at studying as this is “an important year” in my life that will determine my future. Cue laughter here. I got out by 2, reached home in 15 mins and a whole lot of anxiety and feeling hatred towards dad later we finally left at 3:37 pm. Now, it takes three hours to go to Mumbai where the show was and an hour to the venue. the show started at 8 so, I needed to be an hour early to pick up the tickets, that is at 7 and if you did the Math it wasn’t very possible for me to reach in time, thanks to my dad and his love for being late everywhere. But dad being dad also loves going against the statistics therefore, I did reach in time with my heart in my throat (120 km/hr can do that to you especially when you’re going through the mountains).

Also, if you’ve ever heard of Mumbai, it’s one of the biggest metropolis in India and the traffic is not it’s biggest selling point though an inherently huge part of the appeal. It was very stressful I guess, I wondered if they’d allow us in after 7:50 but they did, as Indians being Indians were running according to IST and we were all in the same boat.

About the show itself (if you’re still with me here), it has been one of the best experiences of my life, I knew exactly how she would walk in and what she would say and just to know that she and I breathed in the same air and that we’re present in the same room for more than an hour makes me giddy, depending on how creepy you want to get. It was set up very successfully and I came back from it a hundred times more refreshed, energized and inspired. She spoke of a few topics from the book in detail and her immediate wit in real life really made me laugh out loud and I slept with an aching lung and throat and sore cheeks from smiling all day.
I conveniently seem to have forgotten to mention that I shared this special day with my lovely cousin and my soul sister, as it happens with us often now, we come from cities apart to have a mere sleep over, watch a movie and talk or just sleep. I guess that says a lot about how much love we have for each other but today has been beautiful and I’m infinitely grateful for it.



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  1. I am an introvert and proud! I totally get what you’re on about with regards to social media. I avoid Insta and Snap on principle but have gone through stages of having Facebook, not having Facebook, re-activating, de-activating. It’s great that you’re sharing a special day. It really can be the simplest of things. For me the other day was a special day because I decided to do my morning routine differently – shower, breakfast etc without looking at my phone. It was surprisingly refreshing! I look forward to reading more of your stuff. 🙂

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    1. It not so much about turning introverted just that I loving being extroverted, I guess I’m just being more selective about the people I hang out with. Also your idea seems great! I’d love to try an entire night and morning time without a phone. Thanks for sharing! 😊


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