Ni l’un ni l’autre. Nous sommes tous bâtards. (Neither one nor the other. We are all bastards.)

‘Rien du tout, ou tout tout de suite.
Du tout au tout, indécis.’

Do they intrigue you as they do me?
A word… one, two, three meanings, all different.
They seem to betray their nature so quick. Taken out of context, they can mean anything, they can mean nothing.

See for yourself :

                      He was gay  and she wasn’t: A poem.

You are engaged but can never engage,
Hmm, what’s next? Didn’t he tear up seeing the tear he put in your heart? So you wound up with a wound.
Come again? Oh, he can point out your minute imperfections under a minute.
And what, weren’t strong enough to wave the hate off? So now you find yourself drowning under the wave. :cough:
Isn’t that you? With your back backed in the back of the room.
Can’t believe you’re suffocating yourself, pouring the spirits down your throat so his spirit will stay afloat.


See what I mean?

 Molding and twisting them as per our convenience. So like their creators they are.
Aren’t we the same?
A different face for different affairs.
A different face for a different host.
It isn’t in our nature to be able to be just one thing, we are born bastards.
We aren’t black or white, straight or gay, male or female, happy or sad,atheists or believers, nice or nasty.
We are mixed, true chameleons.
Your smile meant to ensnare, meant to care, meant to scare…

“But we aren’t animals either, animals are true to their nature and we have betrayed ours.”

G.R.R Martin.

But isn’t that what makes life interesting?
That is why that random man in the street catches my attention. He’s complex, an unsolved puzzle, just like me. A variable set of combination, more of this, less of that.
Infinite shades of colourful.
Unconventional, divergent.

For the inspiration behind this post, check out singer STROMAE’s song BÂTARD down below…


      The english language, over the years, has become so very special to me, it has come to be my first language though it isn’t my mother tongue. I spent most of today wondering what today’s post should be, I came across this song by Stromae, being but a beginner in the french language I didn’t understand most of the words in it. So, a few minutes later I’ve downloaded this song and found myself fascinated by the brilliance of the lyrics, I highly recommend you look it up! He speaks of contrasts, of how something has an entirely different meaning when placed in a different context.
Like for example since he’s brown, he’s considered white in Africa whereas to westerners, the addition of his African textured hair makes them perceive him as a black man, all of which makes classifying race so complicated.

      And the lines “Rien du tout, ou tout tout de suite.  Du tout au tout, indécis.”(notice the 5 ‘tout’) are also taken from the same song which would translate in english to mean “Nothing at all, or all at once. Completely sure or undecided” which just goes to show how the word “tout” is used in so many contexts in french which is why you can’t find five same words in english when translated, showing how it’s not just humans who are unsure about who they are…

So go ahead, play with words, dare to be unique and go against the norm. Don’t make it easy for someone to simplify you. It’s what makes you special…
We’re all bastards anyways.
Thank you for reading, enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Ni l’un ni l’autre. Nous sommes tous bâtards. (Neither one nor the other. We are all bastards.)

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  1. Ah, what a wonderful wordplay. Languages are indeed intriguing. I don’t understand French so had to translate the lyrics and what a pleasant meaning it has.💫

    Liked by 1 person

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