A beginning.

      I understand this is unforgiving, using a terribly clichéd title and first blog post, but…. To, this page. Before I begin, it would be nice to acknowledge the amount of dedication and inspiration I mustered up to finally start my own blog. It has existed in my mind for far too long, my fear of allowing another person into my most personal thoughts has resulted in an entire notebook worth of articles that could’ve been on this blog, it’s been spoken about in hushed tones with my friends, oh and I also suffer from sloth. Getting to the point, this has been a long time in the making.

      Currently I am 16, I live in a small city called Nashik in India. I’m preparing for the medical examination NEET given at the end of 12th grade because my dad (to put it in gentle words) told me to. I would like to further study humanities, psychology, liberal art subjects and mostly travel the world,see what it has to offer and explore different cultures, I am an ENFP. Mostly though I just want to heal this world and help make it better than yesterday to the best of my abilities. This blog will contain my rants, random thoughts, experiences and any poems or excerpts I write.

      Since this is my first post I thought it would be nice to publish a poem I wrote a while back. Like and share it if you like this, I appreciate any kind of constructive criticism in the comment section, I will hopefully be uploading every week, thank you for reading.

This came to me as I was falling asleep (as things often do) and an hour later I found myself scribbling away on pages, under a weak spotlight(no I’m not trying to be dramatic though some might say I have a flare, I was in the room with someone else sleeping hence the bad lighting)…

  Life and Death: A Poem

It would all begin, when she ended.

She looks at me and her eyes open
entire galaxies to me.
I’d seen fierce waves crash against her bones when
I made love to her.
She breathes into my ear the whispers of life.
When she touched me sparks flew in my body, in parts I didn’t know existed.
When she holds my hand we soar through the sky together.

I released the tsunamis inside her, the mountains,
the songs, the sun
all poured out as I pierced her.
They ran down her chest,
drenching her small clothes red, forming a pool of dark gray mass around her.

Outside her: The sun couldn’t shine, the mountains never rose,
the rivers were parched, the birds had no wings.
Outside her: There was only a night without stars, a room where light didn’t exist.
Outside her: There were men with no hearts.
When the phoenix burned down her hair and fell as grey ash, it didn’t rise.

I love her, she is my life in every sense of the word and she has everything.
I only want some.

But Outside her: There was always only me.



30 thoughts on “A beginning.

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  1. This is great! 🙂 I think that you should always do what makes you happy. Go out there, do what YOU want to do. Travel, study humanities, and do things that will fascinate you and make you feel like you’re doing something to change the world. Because you can.

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  2. Hey! This is some really good stuff. I wish you all the luck for the blog. You go girl! Looking forward for some really touching stuff! Go ahead and do what you like! 💯

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  3. Everything written up is so touching and heart felt. I think you should do blog and inspire people out there because you can. You’ve thoroughly put stuff that everyone can read and its amazing! Waiting for some more😀

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  4. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have guessed you are so young. Nothing wrong in that, it’s just that you write, especially the poem, with a depth beyond your years. I look forward to reading more from you. Thank you for visiting me on my page.

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  5. Well truly.. I’m not good wid the comments.. But it wouldn’t be fair enough to exit this page widout leaving one..so, there are some words that reach your heart- “the poem”.. It was absolutely amazing. Loved it. 💜 And now..I’m looking forward to reading some more of your works.. (The ones in the book with all the drafts..) Great start! 👌

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  6. There us just this one word i wanna say – ” Wow!”
    I actually like cliché blog name. In my opinion it gives a touch of reality , since reality is full of clichés. And your poem was just mind boggling!!! I am going to follow you and read all your posts!!
    Keep blowing our minds…❤❤

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  7. Hi Shrushti. You just started this blog but honestly, I can feel the depth and sincerity of every word you write. You followed me an I’m definitely going to return the favor. I can’t wait to read all your posts. Good job out there!

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    1. Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and for the feedback. I really liked your page and after I posted my latest post I went over to your blog and found that yours, the one on “growth” was a little similar and I really enjoyed reading it!

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  8. Congratulations on starting your own blog! I find it rather easy to relate to what you say, for I am also in twelfth. The poem blew me away, and you have a way with words which is beautiful. I would love to read more of this. Keep writing!
    I’ve got relatives in Nashik. I’ve heard it’s a cool-ish place.

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    1. Hey! Thanks a lot 😀 oh 12th I can only imagine how that must be, just a few months more for me, yay! :groans: haha Nasik, what can I say it really is an in between ‘ish’ place, how I long to get out of here. Where are you from!?

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      1. Just a few more months here, too! I understand, I do want to get away from here, as well. But I want more to live in college on my own, get that whole hostel experience underway, know what I mean?
        I live in Ahmedabad!

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