Some really good music.

It's not like I haven't heard good music in a long while, it's just that very rarely I find myself enjoying most of what you are listening to. In terms of that, this year got off on the right foot. I'm a Twenty-One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Andrew Bird, random Indie music, mostly ukelele¬†originals-... Continue Reading →


On writing and taking Pauses.

Hello, 2018. You are here. All too soon, but here nonetheless. It's been so long I wrote in this familiar WordPress editing page. There's so much to study and the ample of self-doubt I'm harboring is the perfect recipe for an empty blog. I told a few of my friends that I'm done with this... Continue Reading →

Tough Love.

lovely girl, my beautiful little lovely girl my talented, my special bud. you who flowered from my womb one fateful day of July. my sunflower child that brightened the sickly wet season. these were words my mother never said to me, there was no special, there was no beautiful, there were no flowers, instead, a... Continue Reading →

Chocolates and Boys.

The first time we talked, I felt myself light up like a Christmas tree with an excitement I'd long presumed dead. You started speaking to me about the worlds you'd created, how, soon, you'll publish your first book, about how I must look for it when you did, you spoke of the dreams you dreamt... Continue Reading →

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